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My name's Rachel Fawn Kolb, and I'm from a little town called Fallbrook in San Diego County. My first inspiration was my grandma, Helen Jones. She would make us homemade popcorn and goat's milk sapote milkshakes all summer long. Her photo albums, dating back to before my dad was born, lined the shelves of one of the upstairs bedrooms, and my sister, my cousins and I would thoroughly enjoy experiencing all of those memories from before we even existed.

I picked up my own first (film) camera when I was 12, in 1995, and I was totally obsessed. I kept photo albums all throughout high school of our shenanigans as the new self-declared family photographer. Growing up before cell phones and getting to be a film photographer was pretty damn cool.

But, I was pretty good at singing and really good at writing, so I was an English and Music double-major in college, figuring I would become either a Music or English teacher (or both). But, towards the end of college, I took a course in digital photography as part of my "Visual and Performing Arts - Music" major, to satisfy the Visual Arts requirement. It was 2014, so film was all but dead - but now, I had the opportunity to learn shooting and post-processing with Canon d-SLR's, lenses, and Adobe Lightroom, taught by a former Navy Photojournalist named Nancy DiBenedetto, who kicked so much ass. I was in love all over again, and I was reminded that I was nowhere more comfortable than behind a lens. So, when the class ended, I decided, that's it; I was going to be a Photographer!

But, life happened. My husband of ten years got sick. Rikki passed away in January 2016, and I moved with our son Louie, who was six at the time, to Pollock Pines in Northern California to be close to my sister April and her son Jack, who is Louie's age. Family is the most important thing, especially during times like those.

But my life is so full of love again. I'm engaged again, to an amazing chef named Jon, and we have his (Milo, 11). mine (Louie, 10) and ours (Ophelia, 2) together (plus a cat named Biggie Smalls, a dog named Buzz, and a guinea pig named Booger).

I finally started my full-time, licensed, and insured photography business for real in October 2017. I've shot over 60 weddings and over 80 sessions and can't imagine doing anything else. My mission is to preserve real moments of love for people, because life can be too short and it's worth capturing authentically and memorably to cherish as long as possible. Most of all, I insist on having a good time and enjoying every moment. And it's very important to me that my clients do, too. :)

“When all else fails . . . laugh.”

Photo by Kristen Smith Photography

Things People Say

Things People Say

“Out of this world!!

We used Rachel for both our engagement and wedding photos. Can I just say WE LOVE HER! Her creativity and elegance at capturing the most perfect moments really just makes me cry. There isn’t any words that can be said or expressed on how truly amazing she is at her craft. We have such beautiful and unique photos that we will always cherish thanks to Rachel!”