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Sample "List of Moments"

Instead of calling this a sample "shot list," I'm calling it a sample "list of moments." That's because I don't shoot from a shot list - my clients are in charge of how their day unfolds, and other than formal portraits (looking at the camera and smiling - do make a list for those) and details (which I photograph artistically), I capture the day as authentically and naturally as possible to preserve your true personalities and actual memories.

So, I'm not a classic wedding photographer, who shoots from a shot list, only takes those shots, and directs you all day to pose. But, I don't want to leave you in the dark - it's likely that you haven't been to 85 weddings, like I have. So below are some common moments (and portraits, details) that I've captured often. If you like any of what you see below and you want to incorporate it into your special day - by all means, do! And I'll be right there to capture every single moment of it.

BRIDAL PREP PART 1 ____Wedding rings, invitations, shoes, jewelry, perfume, veil, & any other important accessories ____Wedding dress hanging up outside / inside / lying over a chair or the bed ____Flower girl dresses ____Bridal party dresses ____Mom's dress ____Bride getting makeup / hair done ____Looking into mirror ____Hairstyle close-up ____Bride opening gifts ____Bridal party wearing robes ____Bridal party opening gifts ____Bridal party opening champagne ____Saying “cheers” with drinks ____Bride writing note for Groom ____Bride putting on garter / sexy photo (for Groom only) ____Holding up the dress ____Dressing for the ceremony w/Mom's / bridemaids' assistance / fastening Bride's dress / necklace / earrings / shoes / veil ____Bride putting on Mom's corsage ____Portrait with Mom ____Solo bridal portraits w/bouquet ____First look with bridal party ____Bridal party portraits (all together & with each bridesmaid individually, and flower girl(s)) ____First look w/Dad ____Portrait with Dad ____Gifts for Mom and Dad ____Portrait with Mom and Dad

GROOM PREP ____Shoes, watch, flask, cologne, tie, boutonniere, cuff links, & any other important accessories ____Groom opening gifts ____Groomsmen opening gifts `Saying “cheers” with drinks ____Groom tying shoes, fastening tie / cuff links, putting on suit jacket ____Groom looking into mirror / out window / Groom portrait ____First look w/Groom & Mom ____Mom fastening Groom's boutonniere ____Groom putting on Mom's corsage ____Portrait w/Mom, Dad ____Groomsmen portraits (all together & with each groomsmen individually, and ring bearer)

COUPLE’S NOTE SESSION and/or FIRST LOOK & PORTRAITS ____Groom in position ____Bride walking up from behind Groom ____Couple holding hands / hands over eyes / backs together ____Pray / talk together ____Exchange notes / read notes ____First looks and moments together ____Couple’s portraits

WEDDING PARTY PHOTOS (if 1st Look) ____Wedding party formal portrait ____Wedding party walk ____Wedding party cheer ____Fun wedding party photos

CEREMONY ____Wide angle shot of the ceremony site / church / venue ____Decorations, ceremony program, floral arrangements, altar backdrop ____Guests arriving / signing guest book ____Seated guests ____Shot of the musicians / DJ ____Grandparents / parents being escorted down the aisle to their seats ____Wedding party members walking down the aisle ____Ring bearer / flower girls / sign holders walking down the aisle ____Groom’s face at his bride ____Bride walking down the aisle from front ____Bride walking down aisle from behind ____FOB “giving Bride away” ____Couple joining hands ____Officiant speaking ____Guest speech(es) / song(s) ____Unity ceremony (candle / knot / sand, etc) ____Couple exchanging vows ____Couple putting on each others’ rings ____Couple’s first kiss (standard view) ____Couple’s first kiss (with guests in background) ____Couple announced as husband and wife ____Newlyweds exiting down the aisle ____Throwing of confetti / rose petals / blowing bubbles etc. as newlyweds exit 

POST-CEREMONY ____Couple with Officiant ____Marriage certificate signing____Couple’s portraits____Wedding party portraits ____Family formals ____Wide angle shot of the indoor reception site / venue ____Reception decorations, centerpieces, table setting, couple’s table, favors ____Cocktail hour (second shooter)

RECEPTION ____Guests entering reception / signing guest book / taking their seats 

GRAND ENTRANCE ____Wedding Party ____Couple 


COUPLE'S SNEAK-AWAY OUTDOOR SUNSET SESSION ____Candid walk & loving each other ____Portraits

DINNER ____ Guest table portraits (second shooter during couple's sunset session with lead photographer) ____ Couple / photographers eat dinner ____ Couple visits with guests ( ____captured candidly, or ____mix of candid/ table poses for photos with couple) 

TOASTS ____Maid of Honor ____Best Man ____Father of the Bride ____Other(s): ​_____________________________ ____Couple’s thank you's and toast 

CAKE-CUTTING ____Wedding cake display ____Cake-cutting ____Couple feeding cake to each other 


FAMILY DANCES ____Bride and Father dance ____Groom and Mother dance 


BOUQUET / GARTER TOSSES ____Bouquet toss ____Garter toss 


GRAND "EXIT" ____Guests lining up along exitway ____Lighting sparklers ____The newlyweds kiss half-way through sparkler line

Happy Wedding Planning!