Updated April 23, 2020 at 9:07 pm

Sample "List of Moments"

Instead of calling this a sample "shot list," I'm calling it a sample "list of moments." That's because I don't shoot from a shot list - at least, not all day. For the most part, my clients are in charge of how their day unfolds, other than formal portraits (looking at the camera and smiling - do make a list for those) and details (which I photograph artistically). But, it can be helpful to begin your wedding day planning with a list like this, especially if you've never been married before! And, for any "shots" that are especially important to you, I always invite my clients to create a small Pinterest board or list to share their vision with me so we can make it happen, together.

Happy Wedding Planning!

BRIDAL PREP PART 1 ____Wedding rings, invitations, shoes, jewelry, perfume, veil, & any other important accessories ____Wedding dress hanging up outside / inside / lying over a chair or the bed ____Flower girl dresses ____Bridal party dresses ____Mom's dress ____Bride getting makeup / hair done ____Looking into mirror ____Hairstyle close-up ____Bride opening gifts ____Bridal party wearing robes ____Bridal party opening gifts ____Bridal party opening champagne ____Saying “cheers” with drinks ____Bride writing note for Groom ____Bride putting on garter / sexy photo (for Groom only) ____Holding up the dress ____Dressing for the ceremony w/Mom's / bridemaids' assistance / fastening Bride's dress / necklace / earrings / shoes / veil ____Bride putting on Mom's corsage ____Portrait with Mom ____Solo bridal portraits w/bouquet ____First look with bridal party ____Bridal party portraits (all together & with each bridesmaid individually, and flower girl(s)) ____First look w/Dad ____Portrait with Dad ____Gifts for Mom and Dad ____Portrait with Mom and Dad

GROOM PREP ____Shoes, watch, flask, cologne, tie, boutonniere, cuff links, & any other important accessories ____Groom opening gifts ____Groomsmen opening gifts `Saying “cheers” with drinks ____Groom tying shoes, fastening tie / cuff links, putting on suit jacket ____Groom looking into mirror / out window / Groom portrait ____First look w/Groom & Mom ____Mom fastening Groom's boutonniere ____Groom putting on Mom's corsage ____Portrait w/Mom, Dad ____Groomsmen portraits (all together & with each groomsmen individually, and ring bearer)

COUPLE’S NOTE SESSION and/or FIRST LOOK & PORTRAITS ____Groom in position ____Bride walking up from behind Groom ____Couple holding hands / hands over eyes / backs together ____Pray / talk together ____Exchange notes / read notes ____First looks and moments together ____Couple’s portraits

WEDDING PARTY PHOTOS (if 1st Look) ____Wedding party formal portrait ____Wedding party walk ____Wedding party cheer ____Fun wedding party photos

CEREMONY ____Wide angle shot of the ceremony site / church / venue ____Decorations, ceremony program, floral arrangements, altar backdrop ____Guests arriving / signing guest book ____Seated guests ____Shot of the musicians / DJ ____Grandparents / parents being escorted down the aisle to their seats ____Wedding party members walking down the aisle ____Ring bearer / flower girls / sign holders walking down the aisle ____Groom’s face at his bride ____Bride walking down the aisle from front ____Bride walking down aisle from behind ____FOB “giving Bride away” ____Couple joining hands ____Officiant speaking ____Guest speech(es) / song(s) ____Unity ceremony (candle / knot / sand, etc) ____Couple exchanging vows ____Couple putting on each others’ rings ____Couple’s first kiss (standard view) ____Couple’s first kiss (with guests in background) ____Couple announced as husband and wife ____Newlyweds exiting down the aisle ____Throwing of confetti / rose petals / blowing bubbles etc. as newlyweds exit 

POST-CEREMONY ____Couple with Officiant ____Marriage certificate signing____Couple’s portraits____Wedding party portraits ____Family formals ____Wide angle shot of the indoor reception site / venue ____Reception decorations, centerpieces, table setting, couple’s table, favors ____Cocktail hour (second shooter)

RECEPTION ____Guests entering reception / signing guest book / taking their seats 

GRAND ENTRANCE ____Wedding Party ____Couple 


COUPLE'S SNEAK-AWAY OUTDOOR SUNSET SESSION ____Candid walk & loving each other ____Portraits

DINNER ____ Guest table portraits (second shooter during couple's sunset session with lead photographer) ____ Couple / photographers eat dinner ____ Couple visits with guests ( ____captured candidly, or ____mix of candid/ table poses for photos with couple) 

TOASTS ____Maid of Honor ____Best Man ____Father of the Bride ____Other(s): ​_____________________________ ____Couple’s thank you's and toast 

CAKE-CUTTING ____Wedding cake display ____Cake-cutting ____Couple feeding cake to each other 


FAMILY DANCES ____Bride and Father dance ____Groom and Mother dance 


BOUQUET / GARTER TOSSES ____Bouquet toss ____Garter toss 


GRAND "EXIT" ____Guests lining up along exitway ____Lighting sparklers ____The newlyweds kiss half-way through sparkler line