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Lifestyle Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography? I'll borrow the definition provided by The Knot in their article Wedding Photography Styles You Need to Know, quoting photographer Allan Zepeda:

"Lifestyle photography is photojournalism redefined," says photographer Allan Zepeda. "It’s candid, yet done so with some direction and styling—it has an approachable feel and a relaxed result." A good photographer will look for moments but also set the scene, says Zepeda.
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I helped to set this scene for Kaitlyn's bridal party champagne pop before her September 28, 2019 wedding with Doug at Silverthorn Meadows in Camino, CA.

Lifestyle photography is my default style for most weddings, and for all engagement and family sessions. I work hard to preserve the authenticity of who you are, capturing your true emotions and moments - but also, I guide you along and provide direction on what to do, where to stand or walk, etc. I don't expect many of my clients to just know what to do; those who don't want or need any direction are the few 1% of wedding clients who would choose documentary photojournalism, as defined below.

Documentary Photojournalism

The Wedding Photojournalist Association defines wedding photojournalism as "telling the story of a wedding, not directing it."

Two people making a commitment of marriage want to remember the day for the rest of their lives. Shouldn’t the wedding photography that commemorates their celebration reflect the personal moments and honest emotions they will remember? [...] The photographs of the day, the event and the celebration should reflect that kind of authenticity — they should reflect you. [...] (Wedding photojournalists) want to tell, not dictate, the beautiful story of your unique wedding.
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I didn't provide any direction in this moment; I climbed up on top of a counter for this amazing angle as this moment unfolded naturally for Ashley on her February 22, 2019 wedding with Shawn at the Wedgewood Sterling Hotel in Sacramento, CA.

When I'm hired specifically as a wedding photojournalist, which is a rare but incredibly cherished opportunity, I don't provide any guidance or direction at all, unless asked for input in a given moment by my clients, in which case, of course I will answer questions. Otherwise, I let the day unfold completely naturally. My wedding photojournalism clients give me a basic timeline of where to be and when, and I simply don't stop shooting, from the best angles for light and composition. This is a very specific, niche style, perfect for those who know exactly what they want to do on their wedding day. They want it captured 100% authentically, and they don't want their photographer intruding or getting involved unless asked.

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