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As a wedding photojournalist, my purpose as a photographer is authenticity. My job is to allow couples and their guests to truly be themselves and to enjoy their day as it unfolds, with the least amount of photographer interference possible.

To describe it further, the Wedding Photojournalist Association notes that wedding photojournalists are "telling the story of a wedding, not directing it".

"Two people making a commitment of marriage want to remember the day for the rest of their lives. Shouldn’t the wedding photography that commemorates their celebration reflect the personal moments and honest emotions they will remember?
"For all the decisions you make in planning a wedding, the biggest decision is declared before family and friends: an honest commitment to your relationship and its future. The photographs of the day, the event and the celebration should reflect that kind of authenticity — they should reflect you. [...] [Wedding photojournalists] want to tell, not dictate, the beautiful story of your unique wedding. [...] [Y]ou and your spouse will see your dedication to each other — as well as the true joy and honest emotions of your participants and guests — in the moments we can capture at your wedding. Committed to the ideals of using photographic realism to document your joyous commitment to each other, [wedding photojournalists] seek to give brides and grooms pictures worthy of a day worth remembering."
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What I enjoy most about being a wedding as well as a candid engagement and family photographer is capturing all of those real, emotional moments. I love blending in unseen and being able to surprise my clients with all of those amazing memories that they didn't even know that I captured, shooting an average 1,000 images per hour in silent burst mode on two cameras of every single moment from the best angles for light and composition to make not only lasting memories, but wall-worthy works of art.

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If you are considering wedding photojournalism for your style of wedding coverage, I would love to chat with you during a free consultation over the phone, FaceTime, Skype or Messenger video chat! Wedding photojournalism is a great option for couples who really just want to be themselves on their wedding day without having to pose too much. With photojournalism, it's not a "photo shoot" all about the "shots" - it's a special day all about the experience to remember for lifetimes to come.